To post or NOT to post ?

I LOVE internet. This whole concept of connectivity at a mere touch is magnificent. I can stay in touch with who so ever I want to or I willingly choose not to( or stalk a frenemy, lol).Fundamentally ,I have an access to a ginormous amount of information which is ever increasing at the rate we fail to comprehend.

Howbeit, I am going so gung-ho about internet, I find myself in a conundrum when it comes to sharing the amount of information online and more so,when it is about my daughter.

Even before I had my daughter in my arms, I and my husband had a deal to not to share her pictures on line especially Facebook. Our reasoning was, those who ought to know about her will eventually know about her and also we were/are quite uncomfortable with the fact that who all were/are going to have an access to her photographs.

Facebook is very hard a temptation to resist and we did post her photos online but I was conscious of everything that I was posting. It had an impact not just on myself but on our daughter and our family.

I personally feel that nobody really cares about a cute photo anymore .One might get some obligatory likes and comments from friends and family and it ends there. Period. There are hundreds of friends getting married and making babies, nobody has time to see what you see in it. Making announcements is one thing and flooding the feed is another.

After having kids you run on different hormones i.e mommy hormones and daddy hormones. We all feel our kids are extension of ourselves which is true but it is also true that they are separate human beings with their individuality .It is not our prerogative to post their photos all the time. We ought to respect their space .Least we could do is to protect their anonymity.

We are only smartphone generation not the generation X,Y or Z as they put it. The lenses of phone is our eyes through which we see our whole world with. We want to record the tiny fellow on phone when we live in the same home, seriously and all the time? We want to capture everything first cry to first meal , from potty training to tantrums and then we want to share it .God help me understand Why are we doing it and who are we doing it for ?

I try to justify the battery of pictures/videos parents post but I can’t find a reasonable explanation. Is it just an innocent effort to suffice the innate feeling of sharing or getting an ego boost out of likes and comments or it means staying relevant in this age?

Now, like every parental debate this debate also has two schools of thought,one, where parents want to protect their children from the clutches of what-would-happen-if-things-go-berserk and others, who want to live and prepare their kids for the conspicuous reality of internet.

Whenever parents post a picture of their child going to day care or school for the first time with every nuanced detail, they are putting the kid in danger, whenever they are posting bath time photo of their kids online they are putting their children right in front of the eyes of creeps and perverts , and whenever they are posting a video about a tantrum or trying to shame the child they are increasing the prospects of cyber bullying later in life.

We do not control anymore who sees our pictures/videos and who shares it where. The privacy policy of these sites is every changing and I can bet on it that half of us do not even care to read before clicking and not to mention everything is so obscure.

I am not telling anyone how to raise their kids nor I am judging others but there is a very thin line that I am trying to walk upon. In sometime from now my daughter will have an online presence where we together will decide what goes online and then later she is her own boss. If today I choose to post any or every photo online then I cannot claim holier than thou attitude with her in times ahead.

Besides why would I want to hijack her digital profile and pass her digital legacy of passwords and usernames than making her some beautiful memories and letting her live in the moment?


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